Find your flexible part-time job
with Busch & Dähn.

Grow and feel at home –
we’re looking for people just like you

We encourage inclusion and diversity, work with one another to make each event a success, and continue to develop together. Meet people from all walks of life in a safe, non-judgmental environment and join a team of open-minded people who stick together.

What you offer:

  • You enjoy making sure that guests have a good time and feel a sense of responsibility for their well-being.
  • You find it easy to approach people.
  • You are interested in our venues.
  • You can keep a clear head even when things get stressful.
  • You enjoy working as part of a team and are respectful and approachable for both guests and colleagues.
  • You have good intercultural skills.
  • Nothing escapes your service-trained eye.
  • You radiate a sense of confidence in your uniform.
  • You have good German and English language skills (at least a B1 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Event service

Your duties:

  • You will create an inviting atmosphere as guests enter the venue and assist with any issues that arise.
  • You will explain routes through the building and to the respective event location.
  • You will distribute technical equipment (e.g. audio devices) and explain how to use it.
  • You will sell or distribute printed program information.
  • You will be there for guests during admittance, late admittance, intervals and while they are leaving the venue.

You will provide information about the program and production times, show visitors their seats inside the hall and, in the case of events with unallocated seating where attendance is high, ensure that all guests easily find a seat.


Exhibition service

Your duties:

  • You will convey an understanding of the artworks and show possible perspectives on them, taking into account the concept and ideas of the curators.
  • You will provide information on the accompanying program.
  • You will show enthusiasm for the objects on display and inspire the same enthusiasm in the guests.
  • You will competently answer questions on the objects and contact the exhibition organizer where necessary.
  • You will be friendly and attentive, creating a pleasant atmosphere.


Your duties:

  • You will accept visitors’ coats and store them in the facility until you return them when given the corresponding cloakroom number.
  • If necessary, you will explain why large items of luggage cannot be brought into the auditorium and will check them into the cloakroom.


This is where work, culture and life meet.

Malik Riaz

„Als ich bei Busch & Dähn anfing, war ich gerade neu in Berlin angekommen, kannte kaum jemanden und suchte einen Nebenjob. Gefunden habe ich neben spannenden Aufgaben viele tolle Leute mit denen ich mich auch privat super verstehe.“

Karina Hoffman

„Meine Tochter ist noch klein und ich möchte so viel wie möglich für sie da sein – Flexibilität ist deshalb besonders wichtig für mich. Mit meinen Arbeitszeiten bei Busch & Dähn kann ich Familie mit einem vielfältigen, inspirierenden Job vereinbaren.“

Miriam Schmitz

„Das Berliner Kulturleben begeistert mich. Theater, Musik, Ausstellungen – immer gibt etwas Neues zu entdecken. Und mit meinem Job bei Busch & Dähn bin ich mittendrin und Teil davon. Und darüber hinaus noch Teil eines tollen Teams.“